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Sports Research Sweet Sweat Premium Waist Trimmer (Yellow Logo) for Men & Women. Includes Free Sample of Sweet Sweat Gel!

Thương hiệu Sports Research |  Tình trạng None
4.6/5 (12 đánh giá) trên
Khối lượng tạm tính 1 kg / sản phẩm:
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Product details
Product Dimensions:8.5 x 5.4 x 2.5 inches ; 7 ounces
Shipping Weight:12 ounces
Item model number:23249004325
Customer Reviews:
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Product Description

sweet sweat
sweet sweat
sweet sweat
Đánh giá (8)
by Boston222 August 2, 2018
Is that really all sweat or mostly disolved goop your using with it?

I wanted to comment on this. I won't say it's a bad thing but these reviews on here about it are so far out of whack that someone should say something. The majority of the glowing reviews are based on people using the goop they say to "cause" you to sweat enormously. It's obvious when they say don't rub it in to make sure they is a good coating on your stomach area. Then when your done, take off the wrap and go, wow, look at all the sweat.. The majority of that isn't even sweat. It's that product breaking down into a wet substance from the heat, giving the illusion of sweat. Don't put it on and see how much sweat is there after. I'm not saying it doesn't help that area sweat, of course it does. Wrap siran wrap around you rstomach and it will do the same thing. it just doesn't do it like everyone is glowing about. That's my 2 cents on this.. and cleaning it after you had goop on you is quite a pain..

by Amazon Customer September 20, 2017

This waist trimmer is the real deal. You just gotta trust the process and workout with the belt on daily. Have lost excessive belly fat from this belt. I LOVE MY SWEET SWEAT!

by tjma86 May 6, 2018
Started using it the day it came in April 1st ...

Started using it the day it came in April 1st on my POST PARTUM tummy. It's now May 5th and these are my results. I work out 5 days a week 20 minutes of stair climber and lifting weights alternating body parts 5 days a week. Thank you so much. Will continue using it until I hit my goal.

by AH and MM July 6, 2018
Comfortable, Works as Advertised

Day #1 Review:

by ALEX P. July 5, 2017
Doesnt grip anymore

So I bought this is June and it was good at first but now it doesn't want to grip anymore and the Velcro becomes undone. I wish it would last longer after continuous use.

by Amazon Customer May 14, 2017
A good sweat.

I loss 12 pounds in two weeks. I wear it every time I work out.

by Angela Kay July 9, 2018
Works good!

Four stars because it is not machine washable and works okay without the gel but really needs it for results. The gel itself is awesome and smells amazing! I went for a run and mowed the lawn and sweat poured all over the floor when I took it off. I had sweat so much that it leaked on my shorts but for normal wear around the house it didn't leak and I had beads of sweat without even working out. It's very comfortable too. But seriously, buy the gel with it. I bought the larger size so my husband and I can both use it. I am significantly smaller than my husband and have to overlap quite a bit. Even then it fits well.

by deelynn July 30, 2018
Love it

Officially obsessed. The quality of this band is so high. I've used some others in the past and I don't remember loving those as much as this one. The fit is amazing and best of all it hides so easily under my clothes. I wear normal cotton t-shirts to the gym and it is not noticeable at all. If you wear tight fitting gym shirts you'd see the outline but it's not that bad. I've been working super hard on getting my midsection flat for my wedding and I've seen a change in my tummy since using this. I also thing not only are you getting excess water weight out, the trimmer forces you to tighten your abs when doing your workouts. I've really loved it so far and plan on continuing to use it especially for morning workouts for a nice flat tummy during the day.

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