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Foot Peel Mask 2 Pack, Peeling Away Calluses and Dead Skin cells, Make Your Feet Baby Soft, Exfoliating Foot Mask, Repair Rough Heels, Get Silky Soft Feet by Lavinso

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The Lavinso Foot Peel Mask is an easy-to-use formula that’s designed to get rid of the hardened skin and dead cells, giving you soft baby feet once again.

How To Properly Use

  • Be sure to clean and dry your feet before applying the foot masks.
  • Use scissors to cut the seal on the foot masks.
  • Put foot mask on, pressing the mask’s outer layer as close as possible to the feet.
  • Tear the red double-sided film off on the inside and seal the opening.
  • Use cotton socks to keep the masks next to the skin while walking.
  • Remove foot masks 60-90 minutes later and rinse out and fully dry with a towel.
  • Keep your feet moist with a foot lotion.

Tips To Remember

  • Within four to seven days, the outer layers of your skin will fall off. You’re advised to soak your feet in warm water to exfoliate the dead skin.
  • After two weeks, the outer skin layers will all be gone, revealing baby-smooth skin feet.
  • Use only one time a month.
  • Individual results will vary.

Word of Caution

  • Product is designed for only external use
  • Pregnant or nursing women should not use this product
  • Never applied to damaged or irritated skin
  • Do a patch test to ensure no sensitivity
  • Stop using if skin irritation occurs
  • Store away from children
  • Store in cool location
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