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Yootech Wireless Charger Qi-Certified 10W Max Wireless Charging Stand, Compatible with iPhone 11/11 Pro/11 Pro Max/Xs MAX/XR/XS/X/8, Galaxy Note 10/Note 10 Plus/S10/S10 Plus/S10E(With 2 USB C Cable)

Thương hiệu yootech |  Tình trạng New
4.5/5 (1 đánh giá) trên
Khối lượng tạm tính 0.2 kg / sản phẩm:
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Khối lượng tạm tính 0,24 kg
iconThời gian nhận hàng dự kiến 06-03-2020 đến 11-03-2020 nếu bạn thanh toán ngay hôm nay.
Tổng đài: 1900-6755 hoặc Chat ngay

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Product Dimensions3.2 x 3.6 x 4.5 inches
Item Weight8.5 ounces
Shipping Weight8.5 ounces
Item model numberX2
Customer Reviews4.5 out of 5 stars
Best Sellers Rank['#247 in Cell Phones & Accessories ', 'See Top 100 in Cell Phones & Accessories', ')', '#9 in ', 'Cell Phone Charging Stations']
Đánh giá (8)
by Efrén López March 2, 2019
This product has incredible value for your money

I have been using this charger for a week now with my iPhone XS and I am really really happy with it, this are my thoughts:

by Georgina August 7, 2019

Love it!!!! Works great no complaints. Simply place my phone on it and it just charges. I did have to take off my pop it thing in order for it to work. It’ll flash if you don’t have your phone on it right to charge which is a good thing for me because some times I’ll place it and think I did it right but I have three kids so I just place it and go and I’ll come back to it half way on and not charging.

by Josh March 9, 2019
Great charger for the home!

So far, this has been a great stand for my iPhone XS. When setting it on the stand vertically, it’s practically impossible to miss the “sweet spot” on the charger. It holds my phone perfectly to watch TV on the nightstand in landscape mode and still charges. It charges very quickly with a proper AC source. The only real downside is it’s not a very friendly shape for a suitcase, but it’s great on a nightstand or desk!

by Janet Plevniak May 16, 2019
Can charge in your phone case!!!

I bought both the stand and flat chargers. I love that I can charge my phone right in the phone case (no metal on my case) and I love the flat charger for traveling, fits very conveniently in a small space. Both charge my phone quickly!

by Mandi April 5, 2019
Not what you thought....

Do not waste your time. It's faster just to use the charger that came with your phone. The only reason why I gave it 2 stars is because it does work, it's just not as fast as it claims to be. Plus, the instructions dont really help. I put the cord into the stand, then put my own adapter (since it doesnt come with one), into the cord and connected it into the wall. Apparently, you have to plug the cord into the stand last, for it to work. ONLY because there is no on/off button. Who would have thought, if the instructions doesn't state this...?? Or maybe I just received a bad charger? Who knows. I have no idea how to contact the seller so I'm going to continue trying.

by Wendy T. Moon February 25, 2019
charges super fast

they is a great charger, i received it today , put my 1/2 charged phone on it and it was at 100% within 15 minutes only complaint is I have a pop socket on my case and it won't charge with it on but as fast as this charges my phone , who needs that pop socket ....great product , and very reasonable price !!!!!

by Carr’s March 5, 2019
How did I live without this ?

After having the horizontal chargers for some time where my phone would lay flat on it - which I love - no wires - yayyy, I decided to give this upright charger a try as I though it would be great next to my bed. I am so glad I bought this. Charges super fast and I can see every notification or silence the alarm without having to pick up the phone. So much easier - I love it !

by Just Larry with my 2 cents April 14, 2019
Very quick and easy to use wireless charger

I bought this charger to replace the iPhone wired charger after I bought my iPhone XR. I wanted this by my bed to make it easy to charge when I went to bed and to use during the night if needed. I found it so easy to use and loved it's small foot print and the fact that it stood up so I could easily see it during the night if needed. Not long after my first one, I bought a second one to replace a charging disk I got from my phone provider, since I had problems getting the phone centered properly on the disk to charge (40% of the time the charger would blink red to tell me it wasn't charging). With this charger I never have that problem (even though I have an Otter case on the phone) and it charges very easily every time. I don't know if I will take this for traveling as it is in a fixed upright position, but for home/office use I would give it 6 stars if possible.

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