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Organic Elderberry Syrup (Extra Strength) Liquid Extract by MaryRuth for Kids & Adults - Immune Boost - High Flavonoid Levels - Vegan Easy Absorption - Blueberry/Raspberry Flavor - Non-GMO - 1oz

Thương hiệu MaryRuth Organics |  Tình trạng New
4.8/5 (782 đánh giá) trên
Khối lượng tạm tính 1 kg / sản phẩm:
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Khối lượng tạm tính 0,5 kg
iconThời gian nhận hàng dự kiến 06-03-2020 đến 11-03-2020 nếu bạn thanh toán ngay hôm nay.
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Product details
Shipping Weight:3.2 ounces
Customer Reviews:
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Đánh giá (8)
by Kathryn Troendle July 20, 2019
Unbeatable heath benefits

While elderberry is known for its immune boosting power, it has so many more health benefits. I’ve been taking elderberry for a couple of years, but none have come close to Mary Ruth’s product. The taste is great and I love that the product is organic and non-gmo. The only improvement I would love to see is the dosage of the product. It’s a bit of a pain to count out exactly 30 drops, so maybe adding a dosage line to the dropper would make it a little easier.

by Lana September 22, 2019
Tasty, easy to use, and healthy

I am a nurse in the ER and I'm exposed to all kinds of germs and illnesses. I purchased this product to help build my immunity to fight against everything I'm exposed to. When I received the bottle I opened it to smell of it first. It smells like blueberries. I love blueberries so I was excited to try it. The directions say you can add it to water or just take it straight. I took it straight since I love blueberries. It's a little strong but still has a good flavor. It is sugar free, organic, gluten free, and non GMO so that's all a big plus. Only time will tell if it works. Here's to hoping I don't catch any "bugs!"

by Angela December 4, 2019
Great product

My 2 year old rarely ever gets sick but when he does it’s usually during the winter months so I try to give him elderberry.

by Virtually Yours July 10, 2019
Organic Non GMO Alcohol-Free Sugar Free Elderberry Syrup

I thought the packaging was cute and liked the colors matched the product inside the bottle.

by Jennie Perri June 23, 2019
Great Immune booster

Mary Ruth's Liquid Elderberry supplement is great immune system booster. I love the fact that this comes in liquid form as I have trouble taking many different pills. Since having my son I feel that we are always picking up germs and this really helps me stay healthy and stops me from getting sick all the time. It has no alcohol and is gluten free and that is a plus. It only has the best ingredients and makes me feel great. I strongly recommend this Liquid Elderberry supplement.

by Q October 12, 2019
Kick out colds!

I will buy this product again and again! Was looking for natural remedies since I’m pregnant and do lots of traveling. I need a boost to help fight off germs. After catching some early cold symptoms I decided to break this elderberry syrup out. First off, it tastes super sweet and fruity so the small amount you have to use goes down easily. After taking one dose at night and another in the afternoon, I feel good as new! I will actually use this as a preventative from now on and trust it will give me some extra protection going into flu season.

by NHJ July 21, 2019
Delicious and nutritious

This is as fantastic way to get your immunity vitamins! I dislike gummy vitamins, and emergen-c type vitamins because of the extra sugar that they have. This doesn't have any but it's still yummy and sweet. It's also a perfect travel size. I always get sick when traveling on planes, so having something like this for traveling would be really great to keep me well. It is also made without alcohol, which means it's gluten free! Safe for kids, and safe for this with gluten intolerance!

by Sarah August 19, 2019
great elderberry supplement

If you want to consume elderberry supplement for your health but don't necessarily like the taste then check this one out! I don't taste the flavor of the elderberry, but rather the other natural berry flavors they have added. It doesn't have to be refridgerated which is handy, so many supplements have to be refrigerated which means you can't take them with you. I highly recommend this product!

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