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Introducing Amazon eero mesh WiFi system – router for whole-home coverage (3-pack)

Thương hiệu eero |  Tình trạng New
4.6/5 (644 đánh giá) trên
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iconThời gian nhận hàng dự kiến 06-03-2020 đến 11-03-2020 nếu bạn thanh toán ngay hôm nay.
Tổng đài: 1900-6755 hoặc Chat ngay

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Say goodbye to dead spots and buffering

Say goodbye to dead spots and buffering

eero seamlessly connects your entire home with reliable WiFi. Finally, you can stream, surf, and game from anywhere.

Works with Alexa

With eero and an Alexa device (not included) you can easily manage WiFi access for devices and individuals in the home, taking focus away from screens and back to what’s important.

Works with Alexa

Set up in less than 10 minutes



Get the eero app for iOS or Android.



Disconnect your modem and anything connected to it.



With the modem unplugged, open the app and follow along.

Convenience and control

Convenience and control

From the eero app, you can see what's happening on your network, check device usage, share your network with friends, or even pause the internet.

Your data is on lock-down with eero

Your data is on lock-down with eero

eero Secure gives your family essential tools like threat scans, content warnings, and ad-blocking. Upgrade to eero Secure+ to get an exclusive bundle of top-rated security apps —, 1Password, and Malwarebytes.

eero Secure and eero Secure+ are paid subscription services. Start a free 30-day trial in the eero mobile app.

Compare eero systems

PriceFrom: $249.00From: $399.00From: $499.00
Ratings4.6 out of 5 stars (644)4.6 out of 5 stars (3,688)4.6 out of 5 stars (3,688)
WiFi coverageBest for homes up to 5,000 sq. ft.Best for homes up to 5,500 sq. ft.Best for homes up to 6,000 sq. ft.
Wireless network speedBest for internet speeds up to 350 MbpsBest for internet speeds up to 350 MbpsBest for internet speeds up to 550 Mbps
WiFi connectivityDual-band 2.4GHz and 5GHzTri-band (eero Pro), Dual-band WiFi extender (eero Beacon)Tri-band 2.4GHz, 5.2 GHz and 5.8 GHz
Ethernet ports6 Ethernet ports (2 per device)2 Ethernet ports on eero Pro6 Ethernet ports (2 per device)
PlacementCountertopCountertop (eero Pro), wall outlet (Beacon)Countertop

Technical details

Tech Specs

eero mesh WiFi system

WiFi coverage

Covers up to 5,000 sq. ft.


Router (connects to modem as primary router)

Wireless network speed

Best for internet speeds up to 350 Mbps

WiFi connectivity

Dual-band WiFi radios, simultaneous 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz, 2x2 MU-MIMO, beamforming, IEEE 802.11a/b/g/n/ac

Wired connectivity

2 auto-sensing Gigabit ports for WAN and/or LAN connectivity

Smart home connectivity

Works with Alexa, Amazon WiFi simple setup, Bluetooth LE 5.0

Processor, memory and storage

700 MHz quad-core processor, 512MB RAM, 4GB flash storage

Security and network services

WPA2 encryption, Family Profiles, DHCP, IPV6, NAT, VPN Passthrough, UPnP, Static IP and Port Forwarding

Required for setup

Supported iOS or Android device, Internet service (with cable or DSL modem, if required). Learn more.

Environmental requirements

Operating: 0˚C-35˚C, Storage: -25˚C-60˚C, Relative humidity operating: 20%-90% non-condensing, Operating altitude: <3000 m


98 mm x 98 mm x 60 mm

Warranty and Support

1-year limited warranty. Customer support is available 7 days a week. Learn more.

Đánh giá (6)
by sir1jaguar October 19, 2019
Do NOT buy ANY Dual Band Mesh Router

Good day,

by Gregory L. September 28, 2019
Game Changing Value Priced Mesh System

Running Fios we have amazing up and down from the router however the WiFi coverage in our raised ranch was less than amazing. Average speeds over WiFi on the opposite end of the house or even 2 rooms away was 10mps.

by Kirk Barrett September 26, 2019
I own eero

EERO devices rock and work great. You can hardwire or not, and when you do, the speed to each beacon is absurdly fast. The guy worried about being spied on is nuts...he's already being spied on. Go eero and get rid of crappy wifi or the xfinity box or linksys or any single router. 3-pack covers your house right.

by SD October 3, 2019

I am staying two feet away from the device in the hollway.... still shows that I am connected to the device on the second floor. No wonder the signal is weak!

by Evita September 27, 2019
Easy to use if you’re not a tech person!!

Just received my eero. Unboxing and setup were easy and simple. I had the eero pro, but with the latest release, transitioning to the latest eero was a breeze. Kept the same network name and password, updating devises were a breeze. The eero is more compact but thicker in height. I love how each eero device allows for 2 Ethernet connection. I currently have two eeros connected in my house (cheaper to get the 3 pkg because I’m moving to a new apt).

by SamTheMan November 9, 2019
Best decision ever. Whole house fast WiFi in 20 minutes.

Our house has 3 floors plus basement, approx 5000 sq ft, built in 1893 with plaster walls and other WiFi enemies common to old houses. Family of 6 lived with weak and spotty WiFi for years. Finally fed up, I tried the Eero 3 pack. Extremely satisfied! Solid WiFi in every room on every floor including front porch and backyard. Spectrum 200 MB into modem. WIFI speeds range from 50-200 MB based on distance from nearest Eero unit. Easy set up in 20 minutes. Great customer service before and after purchase (helped with echo multi-room musc set up issue). 25+ devices connected. Easy to use app for guest access, security and family profiles. Best decision ever.

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