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OTBBA iPhone 11 Case, Full-Body with Built-in Screen Protector Heavy Drop Protection Shock Absorption Cover Case Designed for iPhone 11 - 6.1 inch

Thương hiệu OTBBA |  Tình trạng New
4.5/5 (2 đánh giá) trên
Khối lượng tạm tính 0.1 kg / sản phẩm:
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Khối lượng tạm tính 0,07 kg
iconThời gian nhận hàng dự kiến 06-03-2020 đến 11-03-2020 nếu bạn thanh toán ngay hôm nay.
Tổng đài: 1900-6755 hoặc Chat ngay

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Package Dimensions6.4 x 3.5 x 0.7 inches
Item Weight2.4 ounces
Shipping Weight2.4 ounces
Item model numberNone
Customer Reviews4.5 out of 5 stars
Best Sellers Rank['#283 in Cell Phones & Accessories ', 'See Top 100 in Cell Phones & Accessories', ')', '#33 in ', 'Cell Phone Basic Cases']

Product Description

iPhone 11 case iphone 11 clear case iphone 11 protective case
iphone 11 case iphone11 clear full cover protective case

OTBBA iPhone Case keeps a balance of practical function and elegant appearance for iPhone 11, slim and fits perfectly, offer full protection all around the device.


1. iPhone 11 case fits snugly over your device without adding bulk, whilst works perfectly with wireless charging and lightning port.

2. High quality TPU + PC provides comfort for your iPhone 11, it would be very difficult to slip it out of your hand.

3. The shock-absorbent bumper is an ultra-efficient material that absorbs and dissipates impact force, stopping that force from passing into your iPhone 11 and provides a durable, scratch-resistant.


1. Please follow the user manual before each use and remove additional screen protector before using the case to avoid compromising touch sensitivity and sealing performance.

2. The original size charge cable is correct. Recommend to use original iPhone11 charging cable.

iphone 11 caseiphone 11 case
iPhone 11 Pro CaseiPhone 11 Case
Compatible Phone ModeliPhone 11 Pro (5.8inch)iPhone 11 (6.1inch)
Full Protection
Đánh giá (8)
by leonid medvinsky September 26, 2019
Perfect fit

 Was getting out of my car forgot I had my phone in my lap, slipped out fell on the paved drive way. IPhone 11 Case saved my phone. Whew! Not a scratch on my case or phone. It is slippery so be careful if you drive with your phone on your lap.

by Chelsy L. September 24, 2019
Amazing and much needed protection

I love this awesome and innovative case. It is so useful and truly provides me peace of mind. Not only does it serve me as a bumper for when my phone falls but it also provides great screen protection. It is smooth and easy to slide into my pocket as well. It is thick so it really provides much needed protection but isn't too thick where I couldn’t fit it into my pocket or purse. It is still very comfortable to grasp and use as well. This is a very high quality case and my phone fit perfectly into it which really made me happy with my purchase. I didn't think it would be such a high quality case with top notch protection. I reccomend this for any iPhone user because you will never have to worry about your phone falling and cracking!

by Adah November 13, 2019
Good quality

Good quality! It’s easy to take off and put on. The design is what I love. Five star!

by kait pahl October 5, 2019
Great protection at an uncomfortably low price!

My kids and I went on a ride in California Adventure called Goofy’s Sky School. Well, due to a lapse on good judgement, I did not secure my phone when I got on the ride. I was wearing a hoodie with a front pocket-pouch. My iPhone was in that pouch. Well, I lifted my hands up once the ride started and at some point during the ride my iphone flew out! I didn’t realize this until I was walking away from the ride and couldn’t find my phone. I freaked out, rushed back to the ride attendant and asked if she could check each car. No phone. She said to come back at closing time and she would check the area underneath the ride. I feared the worst. I went back later when the ride was shut down, my daughter pinged my phone and they found in under the ride! The miraculous part is that the phone itself was NOT damaged at all! I believe it was all because of this otbba case and the Otbba glass screen protector I had on my phone. The only thing that cracked was the glass screen protector but that’s because it was doing its job. So, I definitely recommend this both phone case and the glass screen protector!

by Shevi Jain December 5, 2019
Perfect fit. Nice touch sensitivity even with guard

The case perfectly fits the iPhone. The touch response does not get hampered and works perfectly. The cover is not heavy and maintains the sleek design of the phone.

by Xinzhou He November 20, 2019
Durable Case With a Good Value

It's definitely worth for its price, I do not need a separate screen protector anymore with this case. It is heavy-duty, so I am free from worries about dropping the phone.

by Darby Tohill October 9, 2019
Light weight and durable

I’ve only had this for a few days but it’s given me so much more confidence about not hurting my new phone. Super lightweight and durable. Can’t wait to see how long it lasts.

by Susie October 24, 2019
Great case and great price!

I was in a cell phone store about to buy a less sturdy case for more than double the price. I’m so glad I looked on amazon while I was waiting for the associate. I am very happy with this case. It’s clear in the back to allow the color of my phone to be seen but provides excellent protection by being completely encased and the outer edge is very durable.

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