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ArtNaturals Tea Tree Essential Oil 4oz - 100% Pure Oils Premium Melaleuca Therapeutic Grade Best for Acne, Skin, Hair, Nail Fungus, Face and Body Wash Aromatherapy & Diffuser

Thương hiệu ArtNaturals |  Tình trạng New
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That fresh scent! That cleansing and deodorizing power! And by the way, ArtNaturals Tea Tree Essential Oil blends in to become a phenomenal beauty product as well.

Our therapeutic-grade, natural, pure, steam-distilled Tea Tree Essential Oil is taken from the best sources in Australia. Our Tea Tree Essential Oil is derived from melaleuca alternifolia, native to the southeast of Queensland and the northeast coast of New South Wales in Australia. The aboriginal people of Australia discovered the therapeutic and beauty benefits of tea tree oil centuries ago-and now the rest of the world is catching on.

Used with a carrier oil, such as jojoba or coconut, Tea Tree Essential Oil is an excellent addition to aromatic massage oil, which is ideal for use after a long, vigorous day. Pure and natural, Tea Tree Essential Oil has a refreshing fragrance. A few drops in your shampoo helps deep-cleanse your scalp, or mix with liquid soap for super-clean feet!

Use Frankincense Essential Oil in a humidifier or diffuser by adding 3-to-5 drops to the water reservoir, and enjoy the clean, aromatherapy effects. The mist creates a brightening environment while moisturizing dry air. Plus, the delightful scent is wafted gently through home, office, or exercise space instantly creating a place of refuge.

ArtNaturals presents our highest quality Tea Tree Oil in a 4-oz. bottle. Included is an easy-to-use glass dropper, making it simple to measure with precision.
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